Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Georgia unemployment claims continue to fall


Georgia reported 3,909 initial unemployment insurance claims for the week ending November 13, the second consecutive week of falling claims. In the week ending November 6, initial claims totaled 4,341.

Continued unemployment insurance claims totaled 31,931 for the week ending November 13, down from 34,758 for the week ending November 6.

Georgia’s insured unemployment rate stood at 0.8 percent for the week ending November 6. Nationally, the insured unemployment rate was 1.3 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The number of new people filing for unemployment insurance in the state was the lowest since the week ending September 7, 2019 when 3,645 people filed claims.

The number of people continuing to receive unemployment insurance in Georgia remains above the levels achieved in March 2020 when the state’s economy began to feel the impact of business slowdowns and closures related to concern over the coronavirus.

In October, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that before seasonal adjustment, 125,465 persons were unemployed in Georgia. The difference between the number of continued unemployment claims and the number of people reported as unemployed represents differences between the methodologies used to compile the numbers, timing of the reports, as well as the fact that many people without jobs may choose to not file for unemployment insurance for a variety of reasons.

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