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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Fulton County average weekly wage above $2,000; exceeds U.S. employment and wage growth rates in 1st quarter of 2022

 Both employment and wages in Fulton County (part of the Atlanta, Ga., metro area) grew faster than the nation over the 12 months ending in March 2022, according to new information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Average weekly wage in Fulton County was $2,068, the highest average recorded among the large counties in the state. Nationally, the average weekly wage came in at $1,374.

Employment in Fulton County grew by 5.8% over the year, while wages increased by 8.3%. Nationally, employment grew by 5.0%, as wages increased by 6.7% over the year. 

Of the 11 largest counties in Georgia, only Fulton and Clayton counties (both in the Atlanta, Ga., area) recorded employment growth faster than the nation with Clayton County employment rising by 8.4%. Muscogee County (Columbus, Ga., area) was the only large county in the state that showed a decline with employment, dropping 0.4%.

With the publication of the first quarter 2022 data, Forsyth County was added as one of the nation’s 355 largest counties by employment. With the addition, Georgia now has 11 counties that meet the criteria to be included in the nation’s largest counties which was expanded to include all counties with employment of 75,000 or more.

Compared to 10 years ago, two counties (Forsyth and Hall) in Georgia have been added to the nation’s largest counties by employment size. No county has been dropped from the list.

Of the nine counties that appeared on both the first quarter 2012 and 2022 lists, Fulton County recorded the fastest employment growth of 27.8% over the decade followed by Chatham County (Savannah, Ga., area) 24.1%, Cobb County (Atlanta, Ga., area) and Gwinnett County (Atlanta, Ga., area) 20.1%.

Two of the nine counties have recorded employment declines over the past decade with Muscogee County (Columbus, Ga., area) down 2.2%, and Bibb County (Macon, Ga., area) down 0.5%.

Average Weekly Wages

Seven counties in Georgia saw the average weekly wage increase faster than the nation. Hall County (Gainesville, Ga., area) recorded a 10.4% increase in wages followed by DeKalb County that showed a 10.2% increase in the average weekly wage.

Other counties with average weekly wage percentage increase greater than the nation included Chatham County (Savannah, Ga., area) up 9.4%, Fulton County (Atlanta, Ga., area) 8.3%, Forsyth County (Atlanta, Ga., area) 7.9%, Gwinnett County (Atlanta, Ga., area) 7.5%, and Cobb County (Atlanta, Ga., area) 6.6%.

Bibb County (Macon, Ga., area) recorded the lowest average wage of the large counties in the state at $970 per week as well as recording the smallest increase over the year at 2.2%.


Table 1. Largest Georgia Counties Employment Levels

County                                    1st Quarter 2012                            1st Quarter 2022

Bibb County                                       79,900                                                  79,500

Chatham County                              132,000                                                 163,800

Clayton County                                 111,100                                                 118,800

Cobb County                                      301,900                                               371,700

DeKalb County                                  276,100                                                300,400

Forsyth County                                 N/A                                                         79,300

Fulton County                                   711,700                                                 909,900

Gwinnett County                             306,300                                                  367,800

Hall County                                         N/A                                                      92,100

Muscogee County                           92,900                                                      90,900

Richmond County                            99,000                                                   102,700