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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Plant Vogtle problems affecting Georgia’s EMCs through Oglethorpe Power

Higher electricity costs due to Plant Vogtle Units 3 & 4 will affect Georgia’s EMCs as well as Georgia Power customers.

Map of Georgia Electric Membership Corporations

The role of Georgia Electric Membership Corporations (EMCs) has been overlooked in the discussions on cost overruns and possible abandonment of Plant Vogtle Units 3 & 4.

EMC customers may be under the mistaken impression that if the Southern Company decides to go ahead with construction of Units 3 & 4, and the Georgia Public Service Commission approves, that any increases in electricity costs will be borne only by Georgia Power customers.

This is incorrect. EMC customers will also have to bare part of the burden of higher electricity costs.

Confusion on this point may help explain why EMC customers have been less vocal in opposition to the rate increases – they simply are unaware that their electricity costs will rise along with those of Georgia Power Customers.

In the case of the EMCs, increased costs to Oglethorpe Power will be passed along to the EMCs in the form of higher wholesale electricity prices, which the EMCs will pass along to their customers.

Last week, Oglethorpe Power Co., which owns 30% of the Vogtle nuclear plant, requested $1.6 billion in additional support from the Department of Energy, E&E News reports

Oglethorpe Power Corporation, which supplies wholesale electric power and is owned by 38 of the state’s 41 EMCs, has kept a low profile, allowing Southern Company to take the lead.

Nearly half of all Georgia residents receive their electric service from EMCs, according to Oglethorpe Power.

Georgia Power will file its next report on August 31. 

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